Cufflinks for the Perfect Father’s Day Gift



Having been part of men’s wardrobes since the 1600s, the popularity of cufflinks didn’t arise until around the end of the 18th century with the development of the men’s shirt. For centuries men wore a shirt in the version of a tunic that was worn under clothing and not visible but by the Middle Ages this undershirt was revealed and embellished with frills, ruffles and ribbons. Soon the ribbons were replaced with buttons and by the 19th century the cufflink became a standard accessory. With a rising middle class and new wealth emerging, jewelry designers quickly began creating cufflinks adorned with gemstones and diamonds and embodying the fashions of the day. Cufflinks were then made even more popular by Prince of Wales, Edward VII, who wore elaborate Fabergé cufflinks.

With mass production and talented designers, cufflinks emerged in every form, material and color available to all who desired them. Today cufflinks remain a staple in men’s fashion and at J.S. Fearnley we have a selection from such designers as Tiffany & Co. and Lalaounis. A great gift or surprise for any gentleman in your life.  See what J.S. Fearnley has to offer,

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